Banner Printing

Printing Solvent Inkjet Printing
Print Side Single
Resolution 720dpi
Popular Size 8′ X 3′, 8′ X 4′, 10′ X 3′, 10′ X 4′, 12′ X 4′, 12′ X 5′, Customize size
Material TPL0.30, TPL0.38
Quantity Minimum 10 Square Feets (SF)
Finishing  3 eyelets up and 2 down with string
Additional  Eyelet – RM 0.30 each
File Format File
Process Duration 1-2 Working Days
10 – 300 sqf RM 1.00 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 1.20 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38
301 – 600 sqf RM 0.90 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 1.00 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38
601 – 1200 sqf RM 0.70 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 0.80 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38
1201 – 3000 sqf RM 0.60 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 0.70 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38
3001 – 5000 sqf RM 0.55 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 0.65 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38
5001 > RM 0.50 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.30
RM 0.60 Per Square Feets(SQ) – TPL0.38


Banner Printing Services in Malaysia

Looking for banner printing services in Malaysia? We are offer the state of the art technology to produce best quality inkjet printing to satisfiy your outdoor advertising requirement such as Giant Banner, Banner Advertisement or Event banners.

After a decade, we found that Inkjet Banners is one of the most common products in today’s advertising campaigns. The trend of mass exposure of your advertisement by installing Banners at road side, lamp post, junctions, and in front of your shops are growing rapidly. Banner has become such a trend that it might eventually replace the traditional light box signage because it is a much more cost effective method in the long term.

DoktorPrinting creating high quality advertisement for your establishment or upcoming events at reasonable prices. Our banner printings are made of thick and durable suitable for outdoor use.

To ensure the accuracy of your printing materials, we perform a FREE Complimentary File Check on your design before we proceed with the custom made banner printing.

Moreover you can enjoy our RM0.60 per square feet promotion package! (For Printing Agent Only!!!)