acrylic signage


Acrylic Signage

Indoor and outdoor versatility: Acrylic is so durable, it was used to make the canopies and windshields for airplanes in World War II. It is much tougher than glass and can me made just as transparent. Try attracting street traffic with your restaurant menu by mounting it directly on the wall next to your front door, having navigational signs cut to the shape of your logo, mounting acrylic letters behind your reception desk, or getting beveled edges to put the perfect finishing touch on your personalized sign. With that said, there are some outdoor applications where we do not recommend using acrylic. If the sign is very large, or if it is in an area where temperatures change quickly, metal or lexan will probably be a better option.

Plastic signs are extremely affordable, yet highly durable and professional in appearance and quality. You can use them as business solutions inside offices, retail stores, as hanging signs, promotional signs, sale signs, directional signs, point-of-purchase signs, identification signs, high-end trade show signs, interior signage, exterior signage, or anywhere you need a message professionally displayed.

In recent years, the raw materials and manufacturing processes of acrylic sheeting have vastly improved. The pigments hold their colors better than ever before. Dimensional stability has also improved making mounting and installations more secure. We use only the highest quality acrylic materials available to make sure that every sign that leaves here looks exactly the way it was intended.


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