About Doktor Printing Company in Malaysia

DoktorPrinting is a Printing Company in Malaysia. Established in 2013, DoktorPrinting has provided professional large format printing and exhibition products for countless big and small enterprises and commercial brands. DoktorPrinting has since build up a good reputation and foundation in the printing industry.

Our company’s mission of [high quality products at low cost], has led large format printing cost to drop drastically and this has broken the rule of [cheap goods equals to low quality goods], making [affordable price with quality standards] as our company vision.

By using our high efficiency large format printing equipments, we satisfy our client’s need in helping them to advertise their company’s services / products cost effectively.

Innovative Ideas

After large format printing prices has stabilized at lower cost, people are able to print banners and posters at a more affordable price. Since then we have expanded the printing industry, breaking through the times where only big enterprises are the only ones able to invest in advertising campaigns.

We are also promoting this printing technology to be used in other areas e.g. fleet advertising, home furnishing, private events/school decorations, leaving people with a good impression of DoktorPrinting’s products which include banners, pull up banners, large format printing etc.

Cost Management

With our experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we are able to simplify the usual complex printing process, allowing our customers to receive their printed artwork in the fastest time possible. We also control the cost of production by importing the raw materials in bulk at a low price, which gives us the ability to give our customers a rebate. Hence, our customers are assured of quality products at reasonable price.

Product Quality

We are constantly investing on the latest equipment and technology to improve on our printing quality and production speed, reducing cost and production efficiency. Thus, customers can pay an affordable price for high quality printing service.